Increase website traffic using SEO


Increase website traffic using SEO

Traffic is the most important component for any online business and for any site, the life force, the blood it needs to be able to operate and generate customers and revenue. Many times, however, either because there is misinformation on the internet or because there is no proper focus on essential goals, the increase in traffic is overlooked and so the websites stop serving the purpose for which they were created.

There are definitely many ways to increase your website traffic using SEO , but below we will look at the most effective and efficient ones.

Not all types of traffic are the same

Traffic or web traffic is not always of the same quality. Traffic varies depending on the source and has to do with its quality. Quality traffic is what gets converted into customers and therefore money. The higher the conversion rate, the better the traffic you consider.

Targeted traffic in the market share that is our target market is the one that will increase the turnover and customer base of an online store or a website. And the best form of traffic is the one that comes from the search engines or otherwise from Google.

This type of traffic is called organic traffic and it has to do with how good your website SEO is, how many keywords it gets etc.

Subscribe to YouTube channels of successful SEO companies

An even better way to speed up the process of acquiring new knowledge and shorten the learning curve in SEO is videos. YouTube is a huge source of knowledge on SEO today, and subscribing to industry-leading channels such as my SEO channel will help you gain the knowledge you need in a fun way.

Bad lies, today everyone has moved to YouTube which is the new TV. Just as private channels dominated television in the 1990s, now the baton has been given to YouTube.

Create your own YouTube channel

The next step is to create your own YouTube channel and apply everything you have learned in the above three steps. YouTube is now a real Eldorado for your business and for your brand that has so many opportunities.

Initially the competition is inferior to Google. At the same time, YouTube provides much higher conversion rates compared to Google. It is also the second largest search engine after Google and because it is its affiliate, YouTube videos also appear in Google search results!

Create quality backlinks

So once you have created the right landing pages with the right keywords that are thoroughly monetizing, that is, they will bring turnover to your site, then the next step is to create backlinks.

The backlinks, will remain the number one ranking factor for your website as many changes and upgrades Google makes to its algorithm. This means that the more relevant and quality backlinks you have to your site, the higher it will appear in search engines.

Using these tips you will for sure increase the traffic in your website and your site will be successful! Make sure to invest on learning more of SEO techniques to boost your website!

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