Why orgasm is not in your hand!

Why orgasm is not in your hand!

Golden diamond escorts claim that, in the end, achieving sexual climax is primarily a matter of anatomy.

Even if the female orgasm tends to be more occupied with research – and this is because it is not easy to achieve – the love life of men does not take second place, as many phenomena of erectile dysfunction have been observed. Either they come from chronic problems or from bad psychology.

But research by a Clinic in collaboration with Indiana University School of Medicine suggests that we should not darken our heads too much in search of answers, as achieving orgasm – for both women and men – has to do with mainly with anatomy.

For men, the ability to reach orgasm has to do with the normal functioning between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

On the one hand the brain and the central nervous system receive the stimulus and on the other the spinal cord “tells” penis what to do.

Things are so simple. The effect of an erection is both psychological (eg: seeing a woman naked) and at the same time normal (eg: an erection due to the image of the woman).

If something goes wrong – such as not having an erection – it may be due to old injuries in the middle to bad psychology or depression. In any case, a doctor can assess the condition and tell you what is wrong.

For women or Athens escorts, their orgasm is determined by the “behaviour” of the clitoris during arousal. Scientists have recently discovered that the clitoris is not just made up of millions of nerves, but is an entire organ that extends greatly into a woman’s body. At the time of stimulation, the clitoris tends to move to the anterior wall of the vagina.

As a result, the greater the arousal, the greater the chance of an intense orgasm. And unlike us men who think that the ideal attitude for this is doggy style, it turns out that, in the end, the chances are higher in a missionary attitude.

In simpler words? Orgasm for men is a matter of the brain, while for women it is an attitude to sex. So it is easy to blame ourselves, to consider ourselves the source of the problem and to look for a thousand and two ways to achieve orgasm. But it seems that things are simpler, because our body is made for it.

Conclusion; Let’s listen to our body better and let things take their course…

3 types of female orgasm that you may not know

Is her orgasm a “volcano“, an “avalanche” or an “ocean wave“? A vibrator has the answer.

The orgasms you already know

Clitoral, vaginal. The knowledge of the majority of men about how a woman orgasms is exhausted in these two words.

In exceptional cases, another is added: mixed orgasm, a rare combination of clitoral overstimulation with point A irritation – the anterior vaginal wall at the level of the navel – into the vagina.

…And those you may not know

A recent study by Lioness – a vibrator company created to help women get to know their bodies better and then help their partners understand how to achieve female sexual satisfaction – with the participation of 3,500 women, identified three different types Women’s orgasm: “Volcano” orgasm, “avalanche” orgasm and “ocean wave” orgasm.

These data were derived from data collected by Lioness vibrators and escorts call girls during their use by participants over a period of approximately two months.

As it was found, the pelvic floor plays an important role in the quality of a woman’s climax and we explain. It is the muscle tissue, which is located between the sacrum and the pubic bone and supports both the uterus and the bladder as well as the large intestine and part of the small intestine.

If its muscular structure is weakened, it is very difficult for a woman to reach orgasm, since the rapid contraction of these muscles increases blood circulation in the area and therefore causes the pleasure waves that we call orgasm.

The three types of female orgasm

1. “Ocean Wave”

As its name suggests, this orgasm begins as a wave with intense and rapid contractions that are decreasing at a controlled speed.

2. “Volcano”

Here, we have only a large pelvic contraction that marks the peak.

3. “Avalanche”

It is very similar to the “ocean wave”, only in this case the intensity of the onset of contractions is more intense and decreases sharply.

As long as you live, you learn.

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